Experts urge govt to build concrete roads

Concrete roads have been identified as a dependable option to solve Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit, especially roads.
The Managing Director of AG-Dangote Construction Company Ltd., Ashif Juma who spoke yesterday insisted that concrete roads, apart from lasting longer than asphalt roads, cost about 23 percent less compared with asphalt roads.

Juma, a Brazilian and an expert in road construction spoke yesterday after an assessment tour of a 23-kilometre concrete road constructed by the Dangote Group of Companies in partnership with the AG-Dangote Construction Company Ltd. It was constructed mainly with Cement.
The road was constructed by the two companies for their host communities as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

Even though he did not disclose the total amount the new road cost, he affirmed, “Concrete roads cost almost $600,000? to $800,000 per kilometre while asphalt roads cost between almost $800,000 to $1million per kilometre. But the important thing is that today, the concrete is less expensive, 23 percent than the asphalt.”

His words, “I am almost two years in Nigeria, I think the option for concrete roads would be the solution to solve the infrastructure in Nigeria. In our study, what we found out is that concrete is less expensive than asphalt, almost 23 percent. And also, we have time frame for the project, we build concrete roads in less time.”