Our Brand Story

Many years ago our Founder, Anthony Ezeaputa, had a dream to establish a network that will bring people together to build strong economic partnerships between Africa and Canada. Today, that dream is gradually unfolding with the support of some wonderful people that believed in him.

Anthony was involved in trade development in Nigeria, long before he moved to Canada. When he started this movement he knew it would be a huge task, however, giving up was not an option. He knew from his previous experience that there is a lot of opportunity for Canadian companies, who are considering investing in global emerging markets, to consider Nigeria and Africa.

Anthony is a true entrepreneur, an innovator, a born networker and a humanitarian. Nothing would make him prouder than leaving behind a legacy of partnership and development amongst the two countries he loves. He is committed to create partnerships that benefit not only companies, but even more, the lives of people in both regions. The logo of Canada Africa Network is a compilation of what Anthony has set out to achieve. The foundation is the continent of Africa, and the Maple Leaf of Canada is placed over Nigeria – his starting point. The company’s acronym is CAN (Canadian Africa Network) which also stands for together we CAN! Our message and our brand…