Student Education

We are with you at every step!

We specialize in working with universities to create opportunities for African students to receive a world class education in Canada. Canada is the most beautiful and secure environment for students in the world. Our job is to make the transition to living here as easy as possible.

  • We provide culturally adaptable service.
  • Students will work with a specialized team in order to help them choose from top Canadian universities and colleges to suit their career goals.
  • We will help secure the best affordable medical insurance plan.
  • We assist students in finding affordable accommodation as close to school as possible.
  • Our brochures have a variety of cost saving tips to help students spend money efficiently.

In Addition

Our services are also open to companies who wish to send their staff to a Canadian university for further training in Human Resources and Personnel Management.

  • We offer scholarships to selected Canadian graduates who are interested in studying International Relations in Africa.
  • We are not authorized to grant student visas for study in Canada, but we can make the acquisition of a visa easier by referring the best immigration lawyers possible.

If you would like to be connected to one of our education counsellors please send us message at CONTACT US.