What CAN Offers

Security Network:

  • Aid Canadian companies in securing projects.
  • Have a team of international security professionals in place to ensure your investments are as safe as possible.

Business Development:

  • Offices located both in Enugu, Nigeria and Vancouver, Canada.

Business and Professional agents:

  • We can refer professionals, from our network, if you are considering moving or expanding your business to Africa or Canada.

Business Research:

  • Market intelligence, sector analysis and identification.
  • Assessment of the market size and characteristics, as well as overall economic trends in Africa.


  • We have a vast network of contacts at our disposal, both in Africa and in Canada. We are also connected to the Economic Community of the West African State (ECOWAS), Nigeria Export Promotion Council. It is the quality contacts found in our network that often provide the success in an international business venture.
  • Create trade exhibition opportunities in Africa for Canadian and African companies to connect.
  • Organize conferences/ summits on special topics and create dialogue.


  • We have a team of professionals that can help promote your business in Canada and Africa.
  • We will continue to network and build solid relationships that will help expand your business.
  • We will organize business information sessions, conferences and trade shows in order to provide you with information on current business trends.


  • We keep our network knowledgeable of any potential opportunities concerning your industry.
  • Your profit is important in maintaining our customer relationships.


  • Our experts will advise you on risk and security management.
  • We create optimal security alerts on your business in order to keep your information secure.
  • Our investment advisers will help you succeed using their international experience in working with well-established organizations.
  • Our team will customize each individual, organization and agency’s strategies and plans.
  • We will support you every step of the way.