Canada Africa Network (CAN) is Your Global Gateway for Trade in Africa.

Canada Africa Network (CAN) is your headquarters for Energy – Critical Infrastructure, and Trade focused on Africa. Together WE CAN Win In Africa.

Who We Are

Canada Africa Network (CAN) is an international company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are one of the leading gateways for doing business in Africa – a trade network of like-minded organizations working together to connect Global Entrepreneur, Canadian and African businesses. We believe in the transformation of a country that is willing to revitalize its economy through education and partnership. If this is what you believe too, then this is your network.



Our Focus

Canada Africa Network (CAN) is focused on networking and capacity building, utilization, and administration of high-performance professionals, to build a new generation of Global and African leaders in project management transformation. By working with the public, the private, and the partnership space on capacity management and utilization, these companies are leading in enlisting African students into Canadian Colleges and Global Universities to build the right local talent pool for fast-growing African economies. CAN’s action team excels in geographic work experience outside of Africa, including Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Caribbean, South America, and North America.

Our Connections

CAN is well connected with the Economic Community of West African States, The Africa Chamber of Commerce, Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA), the North America Chamber of Commerce, the American Marketing Association as well as the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce, we are particularly excited about instituting timely delivery of results and team perspective to project and program execution. To invest in sustainable energy, infrastructure, and human capital development to close the industrial gap in Africa. Africa is “Open For Business”. Together We CAN Make A Difference.

We Focus On These Opportunities in Africa

  • Energy and the lack of resources are among the biggest threats facing mankind in the twenty-first century. 
  • Canada Africa Network, Africa Trade Action Group, and its respected global partners are leading advocates of clean-tech energy security and resource utilization and sustainability worldwide. 
  • The world must act now and take a systematic approach to move towards the awareness and realization that Africa alone has all the necessary components to become a globally sought after clean-tech energy supply chain due to its naturally warm, diverse geographical climate, wide distribution of natural resources and sought after top global talent. 
  • “Clean-tech” is defined as “technology that places an emphasis on environmentally friendly products, services, or practices.”
  • We must reflect with a laser-like focus and act on the abundant available energy supply in high demand.  This will create a robust economic recovery desperately required today as Africa has the resources to solve these pressing economic challenges. 
  • Effective collaboration to unite top intellectual experts and practical talent together is a must to dialogue, resolve, perform and take diligent, focused action on the energy supply on demand issues we are urgently facing globally today.
  • The art of international trade is predominantly based upon infrastructure, and tourism alone cannot be emphasized enough.  
  • Any organization or nation looking to focus on economic recovery through job creation must consider rapidly shifting towards investing heavily in the infrastructure and tourism sectors.
  • For continued economic growth to become sustainable and consistent over the long term, it must be diversified in areas in which infrastructure and tourism tap into human capital and critical infrastructure in Africa to achieve a high return on investments (ROI). 
  • Africa, on average, has the happiest people on earth for many compounded reasons, including:
    • Embracing a rich joy-filled spirited culture
    • Less crime
    • A united sense of togetherness and interconnectedness of community, and
    • It welcomes citizens to all people, including foreigners. 
  • Some of the most beautiful pristine nature in the world, including a richly diverse ecosystem including unique wild animals, unparalleled tourist attractions across all African countries, and one of the best-rated beaches in the world located in Zanzibar, Africa.  
  • When we work towards consistently connecting unified leaders, institutions, and people of nations through annual global forums and events such as The Canada Africa Bilateral Trade Summit, we all win.
  • An overwhelming 60% of Africa’s total land base has NOT been harvested based on proven research and development.  
  • Africa is blessed in rich diversity and lavish abundance in many areas, including human capital, natural fertilized landscapes for growing crops in agriculture, the biomedical industry, and being known globally as the “world food basket continent.” 
  • As a whole, Africa has the utmost potential to undoubtedly feed the world if we collaborate and work together to invest and utilize it wisely. 
  • In the history of trade and world disasters, Africa has been relied upon for global assistance time and time again. 
  • Investing in Africa is the smart choice as it harnesses an effective interconnected supply chain and food security from around the world that is desperately required today. 
  • The world is being urged to take note to pay attention to this area of advancement in healthcare and is highly recommending to become more accuser aware of the vast opportunities to consider potential current and future collaborations with African countries in the research, biomedical, and pharmacology industries. 
  • Africa alone has an incredibly diverse mix of unique herbs and proven medicinal remedies to cure diseases.  This alone can save many lives along with continued further advancements, including education and the widespread desire and focus on bringing acute awareness forward of the endless possibilities to positively advance the world as we know it.  
  • We encourage all international institutions, industries, research organizations, and nations to NOT discount Africa’s infinite potential as we are significant partners in medical research, African doctors, nurses, biomedical, essential medical research, industrial development, and tropical in nature. 
  • To avoid future disruption in the global economy, we must prepare now and choose to rapidly move forward to invest wisely in Africa in this revolutionary biomedical sector and beyond. 
  • Education has continued to constitute a solid foundation, basic catalyst, and interconnected framework nationally for economic progress. It will continue to be one of the top primary pressing concerns worldwide.  Africa is no exception to this proven societal structure for sustainable short and long-term growth.  
  • The focus on enhanced available education, providing support, and fostering positive environments for talent acquisition are a few of Canada Africa Network’s top objectives and motivating factors to support humanity and effectively harness human capital to significantly enhance economic growth amongst all nations in Africa.  
  • Education is a proven baseline for energy security, infrastructure development, agriculture, food security, healthcare industrial realization, skills development, and technology-driven talent acquisition today and for many generations in Africa. 
  • Canada Africa Network is among the leading market drivers in research, intelligence, analytical, industrial re-location, industrial solutions, and the transformational business development network arena. 
  • Africa currently has an overwhelming 60% of undeveloped land and untapped potential to significantly transform and grow more prosperous industries and a progressive economy. 
  • Canada Africa Network, Global Alliance Optimize Network, and numerous respected partners in Africa and global partners will create high-quality win-win environments where all industries will have endless opportunities.  
  • The significant unrealized potential exists today to acquire sizeable land to build industries, tap into additional human capital, invest wisely into industrial re-location to Africa based on proven reliable market research, market intelligence, and market analytics, economic realization for high returns on investment (ROI) through technology-driven on the essential industrial economy and revolutionary advancements in Africa.
  • Canada Africa Network is in an excellent credible position to effectively assist industries to re-locate their business in Africa in the near and distant future.

Supporting Tourism in Africa

CAN is committed to serving communities locally and abroad and bringing people together for the greater good of all to revitalize our economies and support all people as we can do more united than we can apart.

Tourism: Countries of Interest to travel to in Africa

North Africa

  • Egypt
  • Libya
  • Morocco

East Africa

  • Ethiopia
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania

Southern Africa

  • South Africa
  • Mozambique

Southern Africa (Islands)

  • Madagascar
  • Mauritius

Central Africa

  • Cameroon

West Africa

  • Ghana
  • Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)
  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • Togo