About Canada Africa Network

Who We Are

Canada Africa Network (CAN) is an international company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are one of the leading gateways for doing business in Africa – a trade network of like-minded organizations, working together to connect Canadian and African businesses. We believe in the transformation of a country that is willing to revitalize its economy through education and partnership. If this is what you believe too, then this is your network.


Our Focus

Canada Africa Network (CAN) is focused on networking and capacity building, utilization, and administration of high-performance professionals, to build a new generation of African leaders in project management transformation. By working in the public, private, partnership space on capacity management and utilization, the companies are leading in the enlistment of African students into Canadian Colleges and Global Universities with the aim of building the right local talent pool for fast-growing African economies. CAN’s action team excels in geographic work experience outside of Africa includes Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Caribbean, South America, and North America.

Our Connections

CAN is well connected with the Economic Community of West African States, The Africa Chamber of Commerce, Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), the North America Chamber of Commerce, the American Marketing Association as well as the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce, we are particularly excited about instituting timely delivery of results and team perspective to project and program execution.To invest in sustainable energy, infrastructure, and human capital development to close the industrial gap in Africa. Africa is “Open For Business”. Together We CAN Make A Difference.