Sponsor Canada Africa Network

Sponsorship Proposal Document

The Canada Africa Network is proud to announce 2021 The Canada-US-Africa-Global Trade Summit to be held at The Vancouver Convention Centre on November 17-20th, 2021. We want to offer you the opportunity to participate in this exceptional event.  Sponsorship of The 2021 Canada-US-Africa-Global Trade Summit provides a great marketing project for your organization.

Who We Are

The Canada Africa Network’s vision for this Global Trade Summit is to collaborate and unite global partners and potential corporate prospects on infrastructure transformation to industrialize Africa and to increase production, amplify exports, to promote tourism and to generate millions of jobs elevating economic development, Supply Chain Network and growth, (ultimately to again access to Africa Market like ever before)

Why Sponsor?

In addition to the exciting top global keynote speakers and forum panelists , corporate representatives and business networking opportunities, there will be a large spectator presence for your organization. This is a great chance for your company to obtain on site-media attention as well as global recognition online, integral exposure and positive in person networking connections and relational opportunities to build relationships and partnerships with other top companies in Canada,Global and Africa to do business and trade with to increase your economic profits and overall bottom line. This is with speed and accuracy potential to join a project trip to a few target markets in Africa next year as top 5 leading business developments in Africa.

How to Join our Event as a Sponsor

There are 3 sponsorship levels available. We welcome your consideration to any or all of the these requests. We appreciate your participation as sponsor or corporate booth representative.

Levels of Sponsorship

Silver Sponsorship


This is the premium level of involvement. For sponsorship value of $10,000, your company receives the following opportunities.

  • Your company have lower position in our promotion site
  • Your company have limited participation trade trips
  • Your company have less space on our flyer and promotions
  • Your Company has less coverage and benefits in our insurance.
  • Your company has less/limited  access to overseas promotion.

Gold Sponsorship


This is the premium level of involvement. For sponsorship value of $15,000, your company receives the following opportunities.

  • Opportunities to go on business to Africa if your companies is selected
  • Have seat in the middle of event
  • Your companies will be feature on our promotion flyer
  • Your limited access on our overseas business trip and promotion.

Diamond Sponsorship


This is the premium level of involvement. For sponsorship value of $20,000, your company receives the following opportunities.

  • Corporate logo printed on all marketing flyers, event brochure/program, online event page and on social media platforms.
  • Media mention on all marketing interviews on radio, tv appearances or newspapers, magazines or the like.
  • Corporate booth option to promote your organization live at the Summit
  • VIP SEATING in first row at live event
  • Featured on the front page of the business networking guide
  • Business name and company description  mentioned by Emcee at live Event
  • Corporate teaser video option (up to 3 minutes) to be played on break at live event
  • Be on top selection on our first business to Africa.
  • Opportunity to choose your interested countries
  • In partnership with your company in the process of risk management.
  • To ensure business values are done well includes delegate comprehensive travel packages.
  • Ultimately to close deals and deliver within both trade satisfaction.
  • Global market exposure to their targeted industry focused in Africa
  • Guaranteed selection of executive business club delegate to travel to Africa whenever travel is secured.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

All sponsors will have a greater opportunity to travel with us on a business trip as a delegate to Africa two times a year if selected based on sponsorship level, participation and work directly in partnership with them in the country of their choice on trade and risk management to deliver the project on time with both client and customer satisfaction.
To be among Canadian company people doing business in a safe environment in Africa.

This sponsorship is all about value-driven sponsorship – a win-win for all.

Creating greater opportunity for your business to succeed and to have access to CAN’s 20 plus years on trade and onboard natural resources to build and grow your business in Africa. To access the untapped opportunities in Africa.
To be among our diamond club holders in Africa to help you succeed in business and any project you are working on in Africa.

Thank-you warmly for considering our request for sponsorship. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have at your earliest convenience.

Anthony Ezeaputa, CEO/Founder of The Canada Africa Network (CAN) and The Canada-US-Africa-Global Trade Summit