Africa can be a solution to the food crisis we are about to face.

With the recent global crisis of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it’s very important to recognize that Africa can become the solution we desperately need for short and long-term food production to supply economies worldwide to minimize the impact of the food crisis we are just about to face.

The world faces a food crisis on a scale never seen before. Recent reports from McKinsey Institute reveal:

“In the global food system, previous supply–demand scenarios were mostly encoded around weather and other supply-related events. In the past couple of years, the global pandemic has clearly tested, and in many cases proved, the resilience of the food system. But now, we are in an unimaginable situation: a war of this scale in Europe, in such a critical food supply hub—especially when it comes to wheat and to fertilizers—as the Black Sea.

This instability starts to create a whiplash effect in the food supply chain. It’s hard to fully project the implications, but this crisis will have clear secondary effects on other breadbaskets, like Brazil. Russia and Belarus are critical for the export of fertilizer, which is the most important yield driver for farmers globally.”

With the huge benefits of climate and weather suitable for agriculture, and low labour costs within Africa, the continent can become the next leader when it comes to food supply worldwide.